Points System

We are very pleased to announce that Tripio's points system was released on Ropsten! The current contract is still in the testing phase, and the related Dapp function is also continuing to advance. Here we develop a simple test portal, hope that interested friends can try our platform and give us feedback, this can help us find problems to optimize the user experience.

All content here is based on the Ropsten test network, please do not use your true ETH to participate in the test.

Tripio's points system is based on Tripio's Ethereum digital currency TRIO. Merchants can create their own point contracts and exchange a TRIO to hold a certain percentage of points. These points can be transferred within the merchant's own point contract and can be redeemed at any time as TRIO. Users who hold the points can transfer points and redeem as TRIO within the related points contract.


Our system relies on MetaMask wallet environment, please select Chrome browser and install MetaMask plugin!

Get test resources

Before starting the test you need to hold a certain number of ETH and Tripio's digital currency TRIO in Ropsten. You can get these resources by:

Telegram: https://t.me/kinhang
Twitter: Tripio@thetripio
Mail: hi@trip.io

Personal Infomation


Points Contract


Create Points Contract

Exchange TRIO to Points

Merchant Points Contract

Rate: 1:0 (TRIO => )
Total Points: undefined
Total unlocked Points balance:
My point balance:

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